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This petite pinchedwaist floor clock is a study in contrasts: compact yet impactful, inviting yet elegant, contemporary and still traditional. 


Available in a variety of finishes for maximum effect, the Alexandria floor clock is the quintessential grandmother clock. Made in our facility in the , each solid wood case is slightly, subtly different, as the characteristic wood grain ever so slightly peeks beneath the finish. This is our finished version of the classic Emperor 890 wooden clock kit, showing the full extent of the possibilities that exist within the unique characteristics of this piece. 


These clocks are characterized by their elegant, scaleddown proportions and work perfectly in smaller spaces. The sophisticated moon phase dial adds a pop of contrast. Place this clock in unexpected places like the mudroom, guest bath, or alcove to maximize the impact this little beauty carries.


Movement and accessories Made in the Germany.


  • Finish: Variety of finishes
  • Actual Size: 80 x 18 x 11 in.
  • Material: Wood, brass
  • Movement: Weight driven Westminster chimes

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